It was too much. Tiala had to lead the toy to her mistress day after day. She had to sit in the next room, at her mistress' beck and call, and listen to them. Listen to him.

Just once, she promised herself. Just once, she'd see what he was like for herself.

Late one night, when both the mistress and the master were out, she crept into the room they kept him in.

He woke instantly, those soft green eyes smiling up at her. His body, clean and glowing in the moonlight. Too beautiful.

She gave herself to him and was not disappointed. He was all she could dream of, a clever, skillful lover who brought her body higher than she would have thought possible. She got her wish.

But would just once be enough...


I had to get away from the orangy color of the rest of this series. What better way then by bathing them in moonlight?

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